A Good Dom Takes Care Of His Sub – Guest Post By Renee Rose

A surprisingly touching excerpt from Renee Rose’s( @ReneeRoseAuthor ) new book – ‘Mob Mistress’. A tough on the outside Dom, with a mushy heart.

The (Really) Naughty Corner

I like a dom to be harsh and demanding, but I also like a little sugar to go with it. In my books, some doms are sweeter than others, but in the end, they all are willing to care for and protect their women when necessary.

In Mob Mistress, Lexi Tyler, a hairstylist in financial distress, has just entered into a “mistress” situation with mobster Bobby Manghini, agreeing to be available to him at all times in exchange for a luxury apartment and spending cash. But what happens when, on their second date, she gets bad news and falls apart?

In this excerpt, Lexi, a hairstylist in financial crisis, has struck a bargain with mobster Bobby Manghini, to be at his beck and call in exchange for a high-end apartment and spending money. On their second date, though, she gets a call that her sister’s in the hospital. Here’s…

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squirting 101

This topic needs no introduction, but I will just say it’s not an urban myth – women can and do squirt.


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Squirting 101. So I’ve been asked numerous times what is the technique to making a woman squirt. I’ve decided to take it to school and share my knowledge… First things first. The woman must empty her bladder. This is because when a woman is about to squirt it feels like she is gonna pee herself (squirting uses the same muscles as peeing) most times a woman will have this sensation and stop/make the partner stop. She needs to ‘push’…

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Adaline Raine is visiting today!

An exciting excerpt from Adaline Raine’s new book ‘The Medic of Brighton Creek’.

Morganna Williams Blog

I have Adaline Raine on my blog talking about her new book, The Medic of Brighton Creek which I read recently and thoroughly enjoyed. Welcome Addy!


Hi Morganna!
I’m really excited to be over today and am sharing an excerpt from my new release, The Medic of Brighton Creek. I’m so happy you enjoyed it, and hope you come over to my blog soon. **grins** In this snippet Mikayla is babbling because she doesn’t want to go back to the city and her job. She wants to stay a little longer but she isn’t voicing that well. She is in the bed and breakfast that her two good friends, Bonnie and Brody (ah, the newlyweds) own. Sam is in the kitchen as well and she is all jumbled up emotion wise.
Be sure to stop by http://brattyadaline.blogspot.com/2015/01/medictour.html to see all the stops along the way. I’m giving away free…

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SatSpanks – The Evidance of her Arousal – a snippet from In the Blind

I really like the premise of ‘Club Blind’, what a marvelous and creative story backdrop. This sounds like a very sexy and interesting book.

S.J. Maylee

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Welcome, I’m so glad you came. Today, I’m sharing from my new release, In the Blind. This might be my last snippet from this book.

Last Time:  Rob is initiating the next step since Jane still hasn’t answered the first question at their counseling session with Mistress Charlie. The question pertains to her ex and why he wasn’t right for her. Jane was ordered to strip since she’s refusing to answer and then she was pulled over Rob’s lap. The spanking has begun. This Week: I’ve skipped a few sentences, the first bit of truth that Jane admits, but it allowed me to give you this bit. Enjoy!

“I never had a reason to like this Adam and now he disgusts me.” He swiped his hand across the bottom of her ass, hovering over her pussy. “How could a man be with a woman as completely beautiful as you and not…

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Where The Horror First Began….

Bed and Breakfast

Dick checked his watch again. “Ms. Gordon, what are you doing in there? I want to check out of here and hit the road by Noon.”

Barbara danced out of the bathroom wearing a sheer, white sundress flowing to mid-thigh. “Ooh, he called me ‘Ms. Gordon’ in his dominant voice. You know I get moist when you act all macho. Well, Mr. Grayson, since we’re being so formal, what do you think?” She did a little pirouette that made the dress rise high to show off her defined legs, shapely ass and cleanly shaven pussy.

“You’re not wearing panties, or a bra.”

“No Dick, I’m not. What’s your point? This way you’ll have easy access to the goodies in the car. Mmm, and judging by the lump in your pants, you haven’t had enough of me yet.”

“No, I can never get enough of your sweet goodies. Come here.”

He pulled her into his arms and licked her lips. When she ground her hips into his groin, he pulled up her dress to squeeze her delicious ass.

From his secret hiding place in the wall, Norman squirmed with growing envy. He’d watched the amorous couple all through the night and returned this morning just in time to see the man mount the wanton slut again. The floor under his feet was sticky with his own spent emissions, but he’d have to wait until they checked out to clean up the mess. Norman barely stifled a groan as he freed his aching cock from the confines of his jeans.

Dick leaned back and turned his head toward the wall. “Did you hear something?”

“No, baby, I didn’t hear a thing.  To be honest, all I want to hear are your moans, because I’m going to take the edge off you before we leave.” She pushed him onto the end of the bed.

“Barbara, we don’t have time to fool around. We promised Bruce we’d be back for weapons training tonight.”

She undid his pants, yanked them off and then dropped to her knees between his legs.  “This won’t take long. You haven’t cum in my mouth all weekend and I’m hungry.” Dick’s big cock popped free and she engulfed the head in her mouth.

“Oh my god Barbara, you’re right, this won’t take long.”

She mumbled around his cock. “Do it. Come for me. Shoot all your juice down my greedy throat.”

“Fuck, I’m coming!” Dick shouted.

Behind the wall, Norman trembled with lust. Once again, he found himself torn between wanting to be him…or be her. He wiped the drool off his mouth as he imagined swallowing a man’s seed. Norman stroked his cock, once, twice, and then he spewed a torrent of his liquid essence all over the wall and floor.


Mrs. Bates smiled at the young couple. “We hope you enjoyed your weekend here at the Bates Bed & Breakfast. Hopefully, you’ll come back next spring when we open up either our new motel or hotel.

© 2014 Will LaForge


This story first appeared in the Hot-Off Erotica Tournament as my submission for a story to be written in 500 words using the keyword prompt – ‘Hotel’.

Photo attribution for the Bed and Breakfast picture provided – Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net





It’s NOT Selfish To Love Yourself…

Love Thy Self

I ran across the following ‘Twenty Signs It’s Time to Let Go and Move On’ – posted on Facebook a couple of months ago. I’ve held off on sharing these tidbits of wisdom until now, because I thought the beginning of a New Year would be an appropriate time to make a blog post about life-changes. In 2014 I lost two dear friends, one died suddenly and one walked out of my life. I miss them both every day. I’ve also had a ‘few’ other life affirming changes in my life in 2014 – some good and some not so good. So today I’m feeling a tad melancholy, but still over-the-top optimistic and hopeful for a kick-ass 2015.

These 20 Signs are not my personal thoughts, but a number of them do resonate with me. There was no attribution attached to the list when I found it, so the author is Unknown. I hope someone will read these points and make positive changes in their lives in 2015.

20 Signs It’s Time To Let Go And Move On

To avoid the toxic outburst of staying in situations that no longer serve you, ask yourself if any of the following 20 signs apply:

1. When your thoughts go to memories more than the present.

2. When the situation causes you more pain than joy.

3. When you expect, hope and plead for the person, place or situation to change.

4. When you become complacent, bored or resentful.

5. When the pattern persists even though you tried to fix it.

6. When you feel alone, unheard or disrespected.

7. When the situation is holding you back from growing and being who you want to be.

8. When you stay, hoping and expecting things to get better.

9. When you cry more than you laugh and love.

10. When you feel exhausted emotionally, spiritually and physically.

11. When you have lost your passion and joy.

12. When your core beliefs and values have changed and you sacrifice who you are.

13. When you stop having fun.

14. When you fear this is the best it will be.

15. When you force a smile to mask the pain.

16. When you lose who you are and stop dreaming.

17. When you hold on out of fear of the unknown.

18. When you sense you are holding onto something meant to be let go.

19. When the thought of being free of the situation feels expansive.

20. When you believe in a better life for yourself.
© Author Unknown