A Good Dom Takes Care Of His Sub – Guest Post By Renee Rose

A surprisingly touching excerpt from Renee Rose’s( @ReneeRoseAuthor ) new book – ‘Mob Mistress’. A tough on the outside Dom, with a mushy heart.

The (Really) Naughty Corner

I like a dom to be harsh and demanding, but I also like a little sugar to go with it. In my books, some doms are sweeter than others, but in the end, they all are willing to care for and protect their women when necessary.

In Mob Mistress, Lexi Tyler, a hairstylist in financial distress, has just entered into a “mistress” situation with mobster Bobby Manghini, agreeing to be available to him at all times in exchange for a luxury apartment and spending cash. But what happens when, on their second date, she gets bad news and falls apart?

In this excerpt, Lexi, a hairstylist in financial crisis, has struck a bargain with mobster Bobby Manghini, to be at his beck and call in exchange for a high-end apartment and spending money. On their second date, though, she gets a call that her sister’s in the hospital. Here’s…

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