Katie in Love by Chloe Thurlow

What a wonderful review of my friend Chloe Thurlow’s new book.

India Reid

Opening up Chloe Thurlow’s Katie in Love is a lot like slipping into the perfect bath after a long, hard day. It’s the perfect temperature, warm enough to make you sweat. The water is the most gorgeous shade of lavender– no, not lavender, but instead Katie’s signature pink. There are rose petals floating in the water, candles lit all around; the air is deliciously humid, floral with hints of something darker– leather, maybe, or sandalwood. Best of all, the bath is drawn in one of those gorgeous old tubs with the claw feet, but it’s big enough that your whole body can sink down into it, right up to the bottom lashes of your eyes.

It probably sounds like I’m romanticizing Thurlow’s work– but I’m not. There’s something incredibly intimate about Katie in Love that does all of the romancing for me. There were times when reading Katie left me…

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4 thoughts on “Katie in Love by Chloe Thurlow

  1. Will, thanks so much for reposting India Reid’s superb review. I got up in the middle of the night to re-read it again because I wondered for half the night if I had dreamed it.

  2. Susan Storm says:

    I so need to get this and read it 🙂
    Chloe always smokin hot 💋Bisous

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