SatSpanks – The Evidance of her Arousal – a snippet from In the Blind

I really like the premise of ‘Club Blind’, what a marvelous and creative story backdrop. This sounds like a very sexy and interesting book.

S.J. Maylee

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Welcome, I’m so glad you came. Today, I’m sharing from my new release, In the Blind. This might be my last snippet from this book.

Last Time:  Rob is initiating the next step since Jane still hasn’t answered the first question at their counseling session with Mistress Charlie. The question pertains to her ex and why he wasn’t right for her. Jane was ordered to strip since she’s refusing to answer and then she was pulled over Rob’s lap. The spanking has begun. This Week: I’ve skipped a few sentences, the first bit of truth that Jane admits, but it allowed me to give you this bit. Enjoy!

“I never had a reason to like this Adam and now he disgusts me.” He swiped his hand across the bottom of her ass, hovering over her pussy. “How could a man be with a woman as completely beautiful as you and not…

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