The Olympics and Erotic Reading!

Hmm, this is a novel idea, the Sexual Olympics and I love the proposed scoring system. I also think there should be a degree of difficulty rating based on how much pain a partner can endure. Oh, and extra points can be earned for risky exhibitionism. Ok, I’m in…where do I sign-up? 😉

what is it you seek?

Where did everybody go?

I’m sure you are wondering where I have been too.  Yes, life can get in the way of my creativity and become like a wet heavy blanket on my imagination and sense of ability to write.  But I am going to change all that with this short little tid-bit of imagination and humor for your reading pleasure.

Yes, let’s talk about the Olympics!

What if we had Olympic judging for sexual play and acts.  Scoring for the performance of our lover, significant other, partner, husband, wife, mistress or one-night stand.

How would we score?

Form versus function.  Did you have multiple orgasms?  Judging by the sheets or the screams would you give your partner a perfect 10 score?

Flexibility of your partner.  Can he or she put themselves in a position that comfortable for her or him to perform and also achieve the height of arousal…

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To Bind With Love

To Bind With Love

“Do you want me to tie you up?” You asked.

You’ve caught me admiring photos on Tumblr of women tied and bound by rope. I think my lusty moans and groans drew your attention.

My breath catches in my throat as you lean over my shoulder and point to the picture on my iPad. The knots of the rope are intricate and so beautiful. I’ve been imagining myself in the woman’s place and the vision in my mind was so powerful it caused me to moan aloud. A throbbing need pulsed between my legs as I stared at that photo.

Now that I’d been caught, a million thoughts swirl through my mind in the blink of an eye. Would you think I was a freak or worse, if I admit how much I want you to tie me up? I know you love me and want to please me, but I am still afraid to share with you my deepest desires. I look up at you and bite my lip as my eyes cloud over with unshed tears.

You sit down next to me on the bed and wrap your arm around me. I lean my head on your shoulder and try to control my shaky breathing.

“I want,” I say softly.

“Baby, it’s ok. I personally think that photo is freaking hot. I can tie knots like those, but I haven’t done it in a while.”

“Seriously?” I croaked.

“Ab-so-fucking-lutely, it’s called Shibari. I have a kinky side you’ve never seen.” You place my hand on your crotch. Your cock is hard and throbbing. “Imagining you tied up and bound like the woman in that photo has made me horny as hell.”

I’m shocked and thrilled by your revelation. “Shibari,” I say tentatively, testing the sound of the word on my tongue.

“Do you trust me?”

I blink in surprise at the question. “Of course I do.”

“Good-girl, now take off your clothes.”

You leave the room and return with a length of long white rope from who knows where. I wonder briefly what other secrets you haven’t shared. I watch in total fascination and growing lust as you begin to wrap the ropes around my body. Wetness coats my swollen labia as soon as the rough fabric of the rope touches my skin. Your touch is tender and sure. It’s as though the ropes have become an extension of your hands and my heart sings as the ropes braid my flesh.

A moan tickles the back of my throat when you tell me the wrapping is almost complete. You help me to lie on my stomach with my back arched and you bind my arms to my legs. You touch my swollen clit and liquid heat gushes between my legs. It’s almost more than I can take.

“Mmm, you are so wet. I can tell you want to cum, but you can’t – not yet. You need to hold on a while longer.” You remove your fingers and I groan.

You begin to release me from the ropes. I almost wish I could stay tied up longer to fly free, but you know best. As the ropes fall away, the blood rushes to my limbs. I’m almost crying from the pain and pleasure I am feeling.

Gently you turn me on my back and your touch is sweet torture. You caress my body with your strong hands, sliding over the marks the ropes have left, tracing them first with your fingers, then with your tongue.

“Please,” I moan.

My body is tender and sore with sexual angst. I’m ready to beg you to fuck me. Then all at once, I feel you enter my body, slowly all the way to the back until you’re as deep inside me as our skins will allow. I mew like a kitten and my insides collapse around your cock.

You lean down and lick my neck, that sweet spot that makes me come totally undone. “Cum my love, I want to feel your liquid love coat my cock.”

Oh my God, at last…that’s all I needed to hear. I let it loose and explode, coating your cock with my gushing crème. The head of your cock swells against my cervix and I can tell you’re about to cum.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum baby. I’m going to shoot my hot, creamy load deep inside your tight little pussy. Arrrrggrgrgrrgr, ooooh fuck….here it comes. I’m coming.”

I finally come back to my senses as you convulse inside me, shooting your precious seed deep inside my womb. I am completely spent. I cannot even move my arms to hold you close.

You lie beside me and pull me close. We both fall asleep and it’s the most restful sleep I’ve had in months.

© 2014 Will LaForge and Jennifer Lynn

Happy Steamy Valentines Day

This is a yummy new short story from my friend Alisa Easton, check out this sizzling snippet.

claimmydesirecover As an author of steamy romance and erotica, I can’t let Valentines Day slip through my fingers without some sort of acknowledgement. So… I am celebrating the day by offering a short story written especially with the holiday in mind. I hope that you will enjoy it and share it with your own special someone.

Melanie doesn’t want to suffer through another blind date disaster. Since her break-up a few months ago, she just hasn’t approached dating with the same enthusiasm. Instead, she would rather hide away at her best friend’s cabin in the middle of nowhere and pretend like it’s just another weekend.

Cole hasn’t found the perfect woman to satisfy his desires so for the time being, he’s happily single. In order to focus his attention on his latest erotica novel, he escapes to his cousin’s cabin where he will not be disturbed. The last thing he expects…

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