A submissive Through the Looking Glass….(For the Dominant, Part 1)

I found this to be a very enlightening post filled with informative insights from both the Dominant’s and the submissive’s perspective.

One Slaves Perspective

For the Dominant, the following is a little insight into the submissive mind….

She wants to feel like she comes first in your life.  As a submissive, I want to feel like I come first in my Master’s life.  I know that sounds contrary to what many people think the M/s dynamic is but hear me out.  I am expected to put my Master’s needs before my own.  He comes first in all things.  I get His drink before I get my own, at the dinner table I don’t start eating until He does, when others give me a choice for something I must first think of what Master would have me do and what would please Him the most before I give my answer, etc. It is my job to focus on His wants and needs, sexually, physically, and mentally, and to ensure they are all satisfied.  If…

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I Own You….

I Own You

She trembled as his words caressed her soul. “Chanter…,” she said and then stopped abruptly. “I’m sorry, I should have said Sir, but your presence, your body pressed so close to mine is always so damn unsettling.”

He blew warm breath on her neck and waves of need churned in her sex. His rock hard erection throbbed against her leg, almost in sync with her rapidly thumping heart. How the fuck does he manage that trick?

“It’s ok Little-one, use whichever name feels right to You. I have never demanded or expected you to call me Sir.”

She inhaled a deep breath and blew it out slowly. “You are my-Sir and that’s how I should address you. Besides, it just feels right. Sir, you’ve owned me…all of me, from the moment I first laid my head on your shoulder and your aura soothed my restless mind. When I’m with you, I can stop over thinking and just relish in the joy of being Yours. But tell me, what does that mean to You…owning me?”

He hugged her tight. “Oh Kallima, your parents were so wise to christen you with such a fitting name. You truly are a beautiful butterfly and I cherish your wondrous spirit.”

“Thank you Sir. Your parents were wise to name you Chanter, because you are my-Sun. You protect me, nourish me and give me your strength. For those gifts, I’ll gladly submit to you anyway you want me.”

He stroked her hair. “To be honest, I’ve known I owned you the minute I told you to spread your legs and you did it without hesitation. When I told you to beg for your climax and you did…I owned you. When you knelt at my feet and put your hands behind your back without being told…I owned you. You didn’t have to say a word, but I sensed you were tired of fighting. Fighting to be perfect or meet someone else’s perceived definition of perfect. You’ve wanted to stop fighting against the restraints society attempts to enforce on strong independent women for a very long time. Stop fighting to be something you’re not, to make yourself acceptable to narcissistic and often insecure men. You’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity, the right man to allow you to embrace your inner-submissve and figure out if a D/s relationship is right for you. Your submission to me has given you the freedom to stop fighting.”

Silent sobs racked her body and she hugged him with a desperate strength. “Yes Sir, I’ve been waiting…for You. You get me, you don’t judge and you accept all my quirks without trying to change who I am, you just want me to be me. This is all something new for me and you’ve patiently worked with me to push my limits.”

“I know Little-one. You are Mine and I am Yours. Now to answer your question, about what owning you means to me, what that honor means to me – is if the Universe gives me a choice…I will Die 4 U.”

© 2014 Will LaForge


Note: I have a number of WIP projects all going at the same time and I certainly have to start finishing them. However, sometimes my Muse spots a sign or photo, like the one I shared in this post, that seems so right for one of my WIP stories. When that happens, I can’t seem to help myself. I’m inspired to craft a short snippet centered around the characters in one of those stories. I’m planning to write multiple stories about Chanter and his beautiful butterfly Kallima in my House Rules series. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief glimpse into their developing story as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Thanks for Your Support.


Would You Believe…??

Would You Believe

“Hold on a minute please,” Kheyenne said.

Khy sighed and put down the phone. Pain shot through her mouth as she bit her bottom lip and rolled her eyes. His words intrigued her and set her imagination on fire, but it was the way his lyrical voice caressed her soul that made her entire body ache.

No, she didn’t believe…not quite or not yet. However, she wanted to believe, desperately needed to believe that someone could care for her – flaws and all, but still…the demon of self-doubt was a tough foe to defeat. She poured another glass of wine and took a slow sip. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

She put the phone back to her ear. “Okay Sir Vincent,” she said. “Tell me more, you have piqued my interest and…My-desire.”


© 2014 Will LaForge