The Marsten House

The Marsten House

“Go ahead, Lance. What are you waiting for? Stop being a chicken shit.”

“David…shut the fuck up. Just give me a few minutes to think.”

Lance was dizzy from the onslaught of adrenaline juicing his veins.  With slow, deliberate steps, he turned and walked back down the porch steps. The sound of David’s soft footsteps followed. He leaned against the tall oak tree in the front yard, struggling to breathe. Sweat moistened his palms and icy tendrils of fear snaked down his back. The foreboding shadow of the ghoulish Marsten house loomed over him as he nervously dried his wet hands on his jeans.

His best friend spoke softly, “Lance, are you okay?”

Lance looked at David as though he’d recently escaped from the looney farm.  “No, I’m not okay,” Lance whispered. The howl of a wolf pierced the night and he shivered. “I…I don’t think I can do it. Tell me again why this is a good idea.”

David laughed. “Come on dude, you’re kidding…right? This is the chance of a lifetime.”

“If going into that house is such a golden opportunity, then maybe you should be the one to reap the rewards. Seriously, you have more experience with this kind of thing than I do.”

The full moon peeped through the cloud shrouded night sky and cast a surreal glow over the yard. A light came on in an upstairs’ room and both young men looked up to see a woman silhouetted behind a partially drawn window shade.

Lance gasped. “Sssh,” David warned.

The shapely woman faced the window and stood with her legs spread wide. If she was aware of their presence, she obviously didn’t care. She raised the shade until only her face was blocked, but the shadow between her thighs beckoned to Lance and his cock sprang to attention. Her hands slid down her legs and bunched in the hem of her short negligee. Slowly the wispy wrapper inched up her creamy flesh, but stopped just short of paradise. She held the pose for a long second and then the light in the room went out. Lance blinked and she was gone.

David slapped him on the shoulder. “Oh my god, did you see her?”

“Fuck yeah. I’m sure that was Birdie.”

“Well, are you going in there or not?”

Lance adjusted his painful erection. “Maybe.”

“Maybe…are you shitting me? If things were different, I’d be in that house right now with one of the Marsten sisters’ legs wrapped around my neck.”

“I’m sure they would prefer you over me.”

David groaned. “They want a virgin…that’s you, not me. I wish two freaky sisters wanted to take my cherry when I was nineteen. Now stop being a pussy and go get that pussy.”

Lance inhaled a deep breath. “You’re right. I can do this.”

Lance marched up the steps and the gateway to his wet dreams creaked open. He walked into the silent, pitch-black house and the door closed behind him.

© 2014 Will LaForge


This story first appeared in the Hot-Off Erotica Tournament as my submission for a story to be written in 500 words using the keyword prompt – ‘door’.

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Grave Hauntings – A Sexy & Scary Anthology



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An Excerpt from the story by Will LaForge – ‘True To Her Nature’

“Brick, wake up and invite me in.”

The voice was melodious and low. It pierced my sleeping brain and danger jabbed me between the shoulder blades. The faint scent of vampire ticked my nose and I was wide awake. I rolled out of bed in a crouch. The cold comfort of my 9mm Glock filled my hand faster than human eyes could follow.

I’d wolfed down my food in record time. Even though I rarely changed into my were-tiger form, I still have a shapeshifter’s metabolism. I could consume a boatload of calories and not add an ounce pound to my 225lbs frame. The food was delicious and I’d made a mental note to tell Momma her boy-toy had done good. A quick shower and I’d plopped in the bed less than an hour after I’d walked in the door.

“Brick, I am at your back door,” the voice whispered in my head.

Silently I padded on the balls of my feet to the back of my apartment, the Glock at the ready. I’d left the curtain on the window in the backdoor pulled back and a pair of glowing amber eyes stared at me. I fought the impulse to double tap two rounds between those eyes. If they’d been blood red, I would have fired.

I flipped the light switch and the floodlights I’d installed lit up my back patio like a Christmas tree. The sudden glare caused both of us to blink and then I locked eyes with Serena, High Priestess of the Final Death Givers. Oh fuck, this was not good.

I lowered my weapon, unlocked and opened the door, knowing she couldn’t cross the threshold without my invitation. “What do you want? Do you have any fucking idea what time it is? I was trying to sleep.”

Her eyes had changed to their normal chestnut color. Despite the pained expression on her face, she was just as beautiful as I remembered. Her porcelain skin was flawless and looked soft as falling snow. Her jet black hair draped the shoulders of her customary long black trench coat. She was clad in a black leather cat-suit that left no doubt there was a curvaceous woman underneath. Black boots with three inch heels rounded out her outfit.

She smiled. “Hi Brick. How are you? I’m glad to see you too. I’d have come by sooner, but I had to wait for the old witch on the first floor to fly off. What happened to the basic human pleasantries?”

I growled. “I’m not human and neither are you. Besides, you don’t make house calls…unless you’re looking to kill something and I don’t invite vampires into my house.”


© 2014 Will LaForge


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