ASK EM — Are we worth more than .99?

A thought provoking post and something seriously worth considering by all Indie authors.

Hardworking Heroes

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Today’s question: Everyone’s book is .99 or FREE. Is mine worth more than that?

Short Answer: Most Likely

Confusing Answer: But readers might not pay it.

Extended Answer:

In this world of digital books, music and movies, more people are able to use one-click buying. That means impulse buying. Authors are capitalizing on this mentality.

We’re offering readers .99 books that are worth much, much more. When you went to a bookstore ages ago, you never walked out without spending $7 on a mass market paperback. Why the hell do you think you should have the same in a digital format for .99? Sure, no trees were murdered so your book can sit on your bookshelf and collect dust forever. But seriously, a book is a book.

Sorry if I sound a little disgruntled, but I’m tired of authors cutting their profits. I’m sick of hearing about readers who want…

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Lacy’s Seduction

lacysseductioncover It’s about time that I share another snippet from my latest novelette, Lacy’s Seduction. As always, I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The blurb:

Lacy Abbott’s clothes clung to her body in the brutal late afternoon heat. It was the summer before her freshman year in college and she was hot, horny, and bored. Her boyfriend wasn’t interested in taking their relationship to the next level so she resorted to masturbation to release her frustrations. What she hadn’t realized was that the new neighbor was watching and he had plans for her beautiful body. Despite their age difference, Charlie fully intended to make her his own.

The snippet:

She dragged the lounge chair into the middle of the yard where she would get the best sun and settled in concentrating on the music as she let her thoughts drift. She imagined a…

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The Olympics and Erotic Reading!

Hmm, this is a novel idea, the Sexual Olympics and I love the proposed scoring system. I also think there should be a degree of difficulty rating based on how much pain a partner can endure. Oh, and extra points can be earned for risky exhibitionism. Ok, I’m in…where do I sign-up? 😉

what is it you seek?

Where did everybody go?

I’m sure you are wondering where I have been too.  Yes, life can get in the way of my creativity and become like a wet heavy blanket on my imagination and sense of ability to write.  But I am going to change all that with this short little tid-bit of imagination and humor for your reading pleasure.

Yes, let’s talk about the Olympics!

What if we had Olympic judging for sexual play and acts.  Scoring for the performance of our lover, significant other, partner, husband, wife, mistress or one-night stand.

How would we score?

Form versus function.  Did you have multiple orgasms?  Judging by the sheets or the screams would you give your partner a perfect 10 score?

Flexibility of your partner.  Can he or she put themselves in a position that comfortable for her or him to perform and also achieve the height of arousal…

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Happy Steamy Valentines Day

This is a yummy new short story from my friend Alisa Easton, check out this sizzling snippet.

claimmydesirecover As an author of steamy romance and erotica, I can’t let Valentines Day slip through my fingers without some sort of acknowledgement. So… I am celebrating the day by offering a short story written especially with the holiday in mind. I hope that you will enjoy it and share it with your own special someone.

Melanie doesn’t want to suffer through another blind date disaster. Since her break-up a few months ago, she just hasn’t approached dating with the same enthusiasm. Instead, she would rather hide away at her best friend’s cabin in the middle of nowhere and pretend like it’s just another weekend.

Cole hasn’t found the perfect woman to satisfy his desires so for the time being, he’s happily single. In order to focus his attention on his latest erotica novel, he escapes to his cousin’s cabin where he will not be disturbed. The last thing he expects…

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