Would You Believe…??

Would You Believe

“Hold on a minute please,” Kheyenne said.

Khy sighed and put down the phone. Pain shot through her mouth as she bit her bottom lip and rolled her eyes. His words intrigued her and set her imagination on fire, but it was the way his lyrical voice caressed her soul that made her entire body ache.

No, she didn’t believe…not quite or not yet. However, she wanted to believe, desperately needed to believe that someone could care for her – flaws and all, but still…the demon of self-doubt was a tough foe to defeat. She poured another glass of wine and took a slow sip. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

She put the phone back to her ear. “Okay Sir Vincent,” she said. “Tell me more, you have piqued my interest and…My-desire.”


© 2014 Will LaForge



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