ASK EM — Are we worth more than .99?

A thought provoking post and something seriously worth considering by all Indie authors.

Hardworking Heroes

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Today’s question: Everyone’s book is .99 or FREE. Is mine worth more than that?

Short Answer: Most Likely

Confusing Answer: But readers might not pay it.

Extended Answer:

In this world of digital books, music and movies, more people are able to use one-click buying. That means impulse buying. Authors are capitalizing on this mentality.

We’re offering readers .99 books that are worth much, much more. When you went to a bookstore ages ago, you never walked out without spending $7 on a mass market paperback. Why the hell do you think you should have the same in a digital format for .99? Sure, no trees were murdered so your book can sit on your bookshelf and collect dust forever. But seriously, a book is a book.

Sorry if I sound a little disgruntled, but I’m tired of authors cutting their profits. I’m sick of hearing about readers who want…

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